International Female Orgasm Day!

This Tuesday (August 8) was International Female Orgasm Day! Of course, this deserves a post on its own: orgasms are amazing for happiness, pain relief, relaxation, building a connection and so on.

The female orgasm especially deserves attention because of the staggering lack of information and research on it. (Don’t worry, there’s International Orgasm Day on June 21st and Global Orgasm for World Peace on December 22nd – no one is excluded here 😉 )

Speaking from experience, I find it strange that orgasms for people with vaginas are treated like some kind of mystery still, here in 2017. There’s debate on how it happens, if it happens at all, how do you know it happens? There are women who for a long time or never experience an orgasm and this is treated as normal or something you shouldn’t talk about.

For a long time for me, it felt like orgasms were something that just happened to me, were done to me by someone else. Took me literally years to A, recognize what actually felt good B, ask for what felt good C, try to make myself feel good aka masturbate. Still working out the kinks…

I’m just saying, guys, multiple orgasms or no, it feels like you have it easier on this one. Having orgasms with a penis seems way more straightforward to me. There’s no frantic search for the right angle, spot, rhythm etc. Feel free to correct me though, but there will be more about orgasms with penises in later posts…

So why is women’s orgasm still hidden in a fog of mystery? Well the gender studies expert in me says that women’s pleasure is just simply not really valued in our current patriarchal society. The research and the knowledge aren’t there because no one bothered to gather/do it. Or it’s there, but not widely known. Not to mention the lack of sexual and bodily education that many of us are lacking, regardless of what body we have. So in order to remedy this situation, let me share some resources I’ve come across over the years that were thought provoking, interesting and informative. And please share more resources (in comments or here), so we can all have more fulfilling sex!


The Vagina Monologues performance(s): There used to be a performance at CEU every year when I went there, I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it at least once. I confess at first I was sort of uncomfortable watching it. I felt embarrassed. I went to see it next year again and then could authentically laugh at the jokes and enjoy the actresses performances. What can I say, I have a learning curve too. My only slight disappointment is these are set stories from 1996, and I don’t know of anyone recording more stories. Please tell me if you do, we need more vagina stories.

Not sure what this performance is? Read more here.



The clitoris

The Vulva – The Vagina’s Neighborhood

THE G-SPOT! (it’s a thing)

And if you haven’t read about my G-Spot related Uber ride, do so here.

Vaginal Orgasms???


All about squirting:

Female Ejaculation



Sex Experts Discuss Squirting ft/ Dr. Doe and Hannah Witton


And other fun informative stuff:

Clitoris art:

Stevie Bobby’s Lesbian sex 101 series:


Lastly: research on the female orgasm


Happy orgasms 😉


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4 comments on “International Female Orgasm Day!

  1. Great stuff, Sara, and very informative links (I learnt plenty of new things!).
    Did you know the Renaissance physician who ‘discovered’* the clitoris was put on trial as a witch. His research had led to women being stimulated to multiple orgasms. When a priest witnessed this, he assumed the lady thrashing around and screaming with pleasure was obviously possessed by the devil. Damn religion, always getting it SO wrong when it comes to sex! There’s a great novel about this called ‘The Anatomist’ by Frederico Andahazi. Anyway, thanks for an awesome post and happy orgasms!

    *obviously, I mean male scientific discovery; pretty sure the ladies were well aware of it being there for some time…!

    1. Wow Matt thanks for the epic story, I didn’t know. Will look into that novel. Glad you learned 🙂

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